Department for Transport Workshops, seminars and speakers at Traffex

Department for Transport at Traffex

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Government representatives including the ITS Policy Lead, Shadow Minister for Roads, Head of Local Highways Policy and Director General, Roads, Devolution and Motoring will be speaking at Traffex 2024.

DfT Workshop - Roads To Tomorrow

  • DfT will present an outline of the challenges of bringing new technology to the road network with case studies
  • DfT will invite suggestions regarding what its ‘top five’ road technology topics should be for the next two-three years

Michael Dnes, Head of Future Roads Technology, Department for Transport

DfT Seminars at Traffex

Sessions at Traffex

Wednesday 22 May 2024


Panel: £70-million Plan for Drivers Funding: The Story to Date

10:55 - 11:40 Funding & Investment Traffic Management
  • Following the first two rounds of the PfD funding, Darren Capes will talk to two of the successful authorities about their experience and spending plans.  
  • Traffex

    Wednesday 22 May 2024

    Panel: Using AI to Proactively Anticipate and Manage Traffic across the Network

    12:45 - 13:25 Artificial Intelligence Traffic Management
    • Achievements within the transport community to date in this area of R&D, and its benefits in defining urban transport requirements.
    • What's needed among councils, researchers and other players to enable AI to be used in a smart cities context?
    • What are the barriers to accessing data, and how do we weigh up convenience against privacy? 


    • Maria Chli Reader - Computer Science Aston University
    • Sunil Budhdeo Transport Innovation Manager Coventry City Council
    • John Swift Associate Director Waterman Group
    • Gemma Ball Head of Highways & Maritime Connected Places Catapult
    • Martin Andrews Head of UK Product Management Yunex Traffic


    • Darren Capes ITS Policy Lead Department for Transport
  • Sessions at Traffex

    Wednesday 22 May 2024


    Panel: Highways Maintenance – Supporting Existing and Emerging Methods and Materials

    15:05 - 15:45 Maintenance
    • Discussing what local authorities, regional and national bodies are doing to unblock innovation in this area.
    • A look at how lane rental schemes can be used to fund innovation and improve the quality of reinstatements.
    • Discussing routes to improving the quality or accessibility of records about the location of underground pipes, wires, and other apparatus.
    • Analysing the importance of quality control throughout the maintenance process and the need for strong regulation to ensure this.

    Sessions at Traffex

    Thursday 23 May 2024


    Keynote 2: Government’s Plans for Roads Investment

    11:15 - 11:45 Funding & Investment
    • What Network North means for investment in local road infrastructure.

    Sessions at Traffex

    Thursday 23 May 2024


    Workshop: Unlocking the Full Potential of TRO digitisation for Local Authorities (Part 1)

    12:10 - 12:45 Digitisation
    • A session delivered by representatives from across the Digital Traffic Order lifecycle.
    • Short presentations from each party will be followed by a panel discussion and audience Q&A.
    • The DfT will introduce Digital Traffic Regulation Orders and the latest on the D-TRO Beta project to build a centralised repository of Digital TROs and how to participate in that work.
    • Lambeth Council will demonstrate: 
      • Rationale and objectives for digitising orders;
      • Process used to make the transition;
      • Issues and solutions encountered; and
      • Operational user experience, benefits and efficiencies.

    Sessions at Traffex

    Wednesday 22 May 2024


    Roads to Tomorrow

    14:00 - 15:30 Traffic Management Vodafone Lounge
    • DfT will present an outline of the challenges of bringing technology to the road network, in particular in terms of the human and institutional barriers in place.
    • Participants from a range of backgrounds are invited to share their experiences and perspectives, with a particular emphasis on what barriers they face and what opportunities they have to help others address barriers of their own.
    • As part of that, we invite people to suggest what DfT should have in its ‘top five’ roads technology topics for the next two-three years.


    Roads to Tomorrow Workshop