Shamala Evans-Gadgil

Transportation and Innovation: Senior Programme/Project Manager , Coventry City Council

Shamala is a third-year, part-time postgraduate researcher within the Research Institute for Clean Growth and Future Mobility at Coventry University and is also an experienced senior civil engineer and programme/project manager in the design and implementation of challenging, complex and wide-ranging infrastructure projects.

Her experience includes 1) innovation projects within the decarbonising transport platform, renewables, battery storage and management; 2) local transport plans, including Network Efficiency projects and Waste Management projects; 3) traffic management, including traffic calming measures; 4) general roadworks, including road geometry; and 5) regeneration, public realm, and urban environment projects.

My Sessions at Evex

Wednesday 22 May 2024


Highway Challenges & The Need for Innovative Charging Solutions

11:40 - 12:00
  • This presentation explores the critical role local authorities play in rolling out electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, focusing on areas without off-street parking.
  • It highlights potential areas for infrastructure placement and addresses legal challenges, proposing stakeholder consultation as a key to achieving equitable and efficient EV support systems.

Panel: Open Source Charge Point Data – How Can We Make Sure It Benefits End-Users

12:05 - 12:45 Data
  • Join us as industry experts explore strategies to ensure that this wealth of information truly benefits end-users.
  • From enhancing user experiences to fostering innovation in EV infrastructure, learn how collaborative data sharing can drive positive outcomes for all stakeholders in the electric vehicle ecosystem.