Lucy Watson

Location Manager UK , E.ON Drive Infrastructure

Lucy Watson has seven years of expertise, transitioning seamlessly from the defence aerospace sector to pioneering work in the UK's energy industry. At E.ON Drive Infrastructure, she champions the widespread adoption of electric vehicles through comprehensive charging solutions. Her dedication lies in public charging, driving initiatives across private landowners and collaborating with Local Authorities.

Lucy's vision extends beyond conventional methods, advocating for universal charging accessibility - be it lampposts, neighbourhood AC units, or cutting-edge ultra-rapid DC hubs. Her commitment revolves around empowering communities with inclusive and sustainable electric vehicle infrastructure to achieve net zero ambitions.

My Sessions at Evex

Wednesday 22 May 2024


Panel: Open Source Charge Point Data – How Can We Make Sure It Benefits End-Users

12:05 - 12:45 Data
  • Join us as industry experts explore strategies to ensure that this wealth of information truly benefits end-users.
  • From enhancing user experiences to fostering innovation in EV infrastructure, learn how collaborative data sharing can drive positive outcomes for all stakeholders in the electric vehicle ecosystem.