James Golding-Graham

Head of Decarbonisation & Innovation, England’s Economic Heartlands

James has been working in decarbonisation for nearly 15 years, focusing on delivering collaborative, practical solutions that support the accelerations of evidence-led policy making.

My Sessions at Traffex

Wednesday 22 May 2024


Evidence-Based Decarbonisation Interventions for Local Authorities

14:45 - 15:15 Decarbonisation
  • The Sub-national Transport Bodies have worked together, as well as liaising with DfT, to develop a number of evidence-based carbon calculation tools for use by local authorities.
  • The tools are focussed on user emissions and are place based, so provide bespoke outputs for local authorities.
  • The presentation will introduce the tools, including transport carbon baseline dashboards; TfN’s Clean Mobility Tool; and the Carbon Assessment Playbook – potentially with short demo’s.
  • The Carbon Assessment Playbook, developed by a consortium of STBs including Englands Economic Heartland, Transport for the South East and Transport East, allows users to understand the carbon reduction effects associated with different interventions/policies on bespoke local authority carbon baselines.