Craig Andrews

Technical Director , Foster Contracting Limited

Craig has 36 years of highway sector knowledge, starting with 18 years of public sector experience in the Lincolnshire County Council’s Highways Department. His responsibilities included overseeing several bypass sites and the guidance of ICE indentured trainees.

His employment for the last 18 years has been in the private sector. During this time, he has become a technical expert in the provision of value-engineered solutions that incorporate a diverse range of engineered (geosynthetic) materials, which can reduce the resources required during the life of a pavement.

At a strategic level, he has represented the highways sector in several key positions, sitting on committees and working groups, progressing the likes of our British Standards and National Highways’ design documents.

Along with his practical expertise in highway sites, he provides detailed technical knowledge and shares best practices by educating highway sector professionals.

My Sessions at Traffex

Wednesday 22 May 2024


Panel: Decarbonising Roads from Cradle to Grave

15:50 - 16:30 Decarbonisation
  • A discussion covering embodied carbon across all lifecycle stages, from material supply to design, construction, maintenance and end of life.
  • With the whole value chain in mind, how can asset owners work towards PAS 2080 and ISO 14001? 

Thursday 23 May 2024


Delivering Carbon and Cost Savings for Better Roads

10:45 - 11:05 Maintenance Decarbonisation
  • Maintenance Services
  • Sustainable Solutions
  • Achievable Benefits
  • Setting the Standards
  • Preserving your Resilience