Clare Nicol

Head of Marketing & Communications, Compleo Charging Solutions UK

Clare Nicol is Head of Marketing & Communications at Compleo UK. She joined Compleo in their infancy in the UK in Jan 2019, coming from Nissan GB, where she was a Regional EV Sales Manager.

Clare has a 20-year career in sales & marketing, working mainly within the automotive sector, working client & agency side for Nissan GB, Audi UK, Alfa Romeo & the BMW Group. She is motivated to help businesses of every size understand how EVs can work for them and implement charging easily and effectively in any car park.

Compleo is a German manufacturer of AC and DC EV charging hardware and EV software technology, providing turn-key solutions for commercial, public, and fleet EV charging needs.


My Sessions at Evex

Thursday 23 May 2024


Panel: How Can We Unlock Public Confidence in the Transition to Evs?

12:00 - 12:40 Behaviour Change
  • Building public confidence is crucial for the widespread adoption of electric vehicles.
  • This panel explores strategies to overcome scepticism and instil trust in EV technology.
  • From addressing range anxiety to highlighting environmental benefits, discover actionable insights to inspire consumer confidence and accelerate the transition to sustainable transportation.