Chloe Hampton

EV Infrastructure Strategy Consultant, CENEX

Chloe started her career in Knowledge Transfer at a university, focusing on projects aimed at fostering sustainable communities. She quickly found herself working on integrating electric vehicles into the energy system, then transitioned to managing Innovate UK projects for an electric car-sharing company, followed by a charge point operator and engineering organisation.

Chloe has brought that experience to Cenex to develop key products - the Knowledge Repository and the EVI Training Course - that facilitate the learning and development of local authority officers to deliver the Government’s Local Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (LEVI) fund.

Outside of work, Chloe is a big sports fan and loves to both watch and partake in a variety of sports. 

My Sessions at Evex

Wednesday 22 May 2024


Panel: How Can Local Authorities Recruit and Upskill to Deliver Charging Networks?

14:15 - 14:55 Skills & Recruitment
  • Empowering local authorities to spearhead the expansion of charging networks is essential for accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles.
  • Join our panel of experts as they discuss effective strategies for recruiting and upskilling personnel within local governments to plan, deploy, and manage EV charging infrastructure.
  • Gain valuable insights into building the workforce needed to drive sustainable transportation initiatives at the community level.