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Located at the rear of the exhibition hall was the Traffex 2017 Smart & Safe feature area. Enabling Traffex visitors to see products at close hand. including the life-saving products employed by the emergency services to deal quickly and safely with incidents on the road network. All this was part of a “Public Highway” environment in which cars, LGVs and emergency services vehicles were a part of the fully interactive feature layout, incorporating a real crash scene and a live road works area.

It incorporated the following features:

The Smart Street

Highlighting and displaying some of the most cutting edge, innovative products in the industry, this area inspired visitors as to what’s possible when transforming your local urban surroundings, by creating a realistic environment where new technological, practical and cost effective safety solutions were displayed.

Highways England Smart Motorway

A working realistic demonstration provided visitors with the opportunity to appreciate how active traffic management (ATM) techniques are used to increase motorway capacity, using of variable speed limits and hard shoulder running at busy times.

Retroreflective Theatre

Here visitors were able to witness the full effect of retroreflectivity from the drivers perspective – using personal light source gadgets to see how far we have come in the development of the materials used for signs, bollards, marker posts, PPE, vehicle conspicuity, road markings and studs.

Vehicle Demonstrations & Product Display

Static displays and timetabled live demonstrations of products used in Temporary Traffic Management areas, being carried out either on or adjacent to live carriageways or other environments to which the public have access.

The demonstrations included:

WJ Group - demonstrating and explaining the safety and functionality of their WJ Automatic Bag Loader vehicle.

Highway Care – showcased their Traffic Management Vehicle with SafeStop 90 cushion and Red X LED Light Arrow.

SAPA – demonstrated and explained the safety and TM benefits of their Hinged Signal Pole.

PostPullers UK - showcased their CIHT 2016 award winning Barrier Master BM15.

Solar and Electric Gates Ltd - hosted a demonstration of solar powered Readi-range of mobile traffic barriers and turnstile instant security.

Exhibitors wishing to take part in the above should contact Project Manager Greg Butcher of UK Roads Ltd at or on +44(0) 23 9242 322

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