WJ launch a unique road marking system at Traffex 2019

Part of their award winning range of Weatherline products, WJ Group have launched a new premium Road Marking at the Traffex 2019 highways event.

Weatherline Plus 5 is a hot applied dot and line structured reflective road marking system based on specifically formulated ‘Weatherline Plus’ material. This innovative system benefits from cutting-edge engineering of the application machine heads, ensuring a highly regular dot pattern and consistent delivery.

The material has been formulated, following extensive research and development, using the best quality raw materials to ensure the Weatherline Plus 5 system generates several performance features.

Notably, when applied at maximum tolerances onto new surfaces, in good weather conditions Weatherline Plus 5 affords outstanding levels of durability. The machine applied system consistently achieves an initial retroreflectivity performance well in excess of 200 mcd/m²/lx (R4) and a functional life in excess of 5 years can be expected, supported by empirical trials, performance results and ongoing site monitoring. This enhanced level of durability means less interventions, reduced work related road risk (WRRR) and whole life cost savings.

The raised pattern of Weatherline Plus 5 provides outstanding wet night retroreflectivity ≥ 50 mcd/m²/lx (RW3), even in constant rain it remains ≥ 50 mcd/m²/lx (RR3), as the dots stand proud of any surface water and the pattern allows any standing water to be effectively drained away through the structure.

Weatherline Plus 5 also provides exceptional day-time luminance performance (typically Q4) from carefully selected quality in-mix ingredients and a high quality fine graded drop-on glass beads to ensure optimum coverage of the line and the raised dot pattern.

Weatherline Plus is designed with a low carbon footprint, meets BS EN 1871 physical properties and following road trials is certificated to BS EN 1436 road marking performance for road users.

Correct application is important, and all operatives are fully and continuously trained to ensure competence in order to achieve the desired road marking ‘form’ with initial and ongoing performance.

Characteristically, the structure of Weatherline Plus 5 provides better readability and is more easily detected by forward facing camera technology associated with Connected Autonomous Vehicles (CAV).

Other features of the system provide drivers with audible and sensory warning, when vehicles stray across lanes, and the increased visibility is especially beneficial to older drivers providing a better driving experience in general.

Weatherline Plus 5 is specifically designed for improved road safety on schemes demanding the highest performance levels of day-time visibility, night-time retroreflectivity and durability.

The system is suitable for all classes and types of road that have a sound surface and especially where reduced maintenance interventions are beneficial. Weatherline Plus 5 is very quick to apply with minimal disruption and ideal for use on smart motorway projects, major schemes and accident black spot locations.

For more information visit www.wj.uk

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