UK’S First Fully Electric Ride-On Line Road Marking Machine


Meon introduce the arrival of the ‘Silent Harley Davidson’ of road painting machines the ES2000 a sit-on line painting machine for highways and road marking. The ES2000 leads the way in providing a fully electric powered road marking machine capable of running on one charge for 10 hours.

Other environmentally friendly innovations in the road marking industry include the use of MMA (Methyl Methacrylate) a line marking paint that lasts longer than current solutions and has less impact on environmental issues. MMA has been adopted on the high use areas of the M25 on the entrances and exit junctions to ensure there is high-visibility on challenging stretches of road. Also, premium acrylics that offer an alternative method of refreshing thermoplastic lines in a quicker way with a brighter performance.

High-visibility markings are essential for the UK’s road infrastructure as driverless cars require clearly defined road line markings, and if this seems like science-fiction, there are already live road trials on our roads between London and Oxford1, taxi firm Addison Lee have signed a deal to launch a driverless taxi service in the capital by 2021. With such a short timeframe Government and Local Councils are faced with an unprecedented challenge in updating the highway infrastructure to enable these cars to be able to read road markings safely.

The challenge set before Government and Councils is made more difficult when road layouts change as driverless cars identify previously laid lines and try to follow the ‘ghost lines’ which haven’t been blacked out extensively enough, ghost lines can be combatted by anti-ghosting tape produced by 3mTM. Driverless cars also struggle with poorly maintained line markings on rural roads and require highly reflective line markings to ensure visual accuracy for the onboard computers. New cost-effective line marking innovations include sprayable MMA, high-performance traffic tapes, new innovations in acrylic paints or even irregular agglomerate paint markings.

Agglomerate markings improve driver visibility by creating an increased reflective surface area, it has an unusual visual appearance giving the impression that the paint machine has misfired and applied the paint in a haphazard way but the speckled appearance provides better visual retro-reflectivity for drivers. Agglomerate markings work by creating more surface faces for the embedded reflective beads to shine back at the driver to increase visibility of the line. The speckled distribution of the paint also ensures surface water does not sit on top of the line impacting the line visibility.

The strategic road network is going through a time of unparalleled change and it is clear line marking innovation and knowledge are going to be key to overcoming the next bump in the road in order for the UK road network to progress. 


Agglomerate paint provides better retro-reflectivity than traditional solid paint lines, and avoids water sitting on the top of the line but has a haphazard appearance.

Anti-ghosting tapes are especially useful for when lines need to be temporarily covered during roadworks.

The UK’s first fully electric line marking machine the Graco ES 2000. The ‘Silent Harley Davidson’ of Road Line Marking

About Meon

Meon celebrate bringing 25 years of innovation into the UK road network, as suppliers and pioneers in road line marking paints and equipment. Meon continue to bring environmentally responsible innovations into the market with the launch of the UKs first fully electric line marking machine the ES 2000. Meon can claim credit for bringing eco-friendly paint packaging into the UK road lining market and creating the industry’s first paint ‘that works’ on railway level crossings.


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