Kier: 'Safety in Mind' Part 5

Leading infrastructure firm Kier has released Part 5 of its powerful video campaign Charlie’s Story, raising awareness about mental health and wellbeing issues in the infrastructure sector.

The penultimate video in the series shows how Charlie’s colleagues initially react negatively to his line manager, Dan’s efforts to support him.



Dave Wright, executive director for Kier Highways, commented: 'At Kier Highways we’re always looking at ways to promote personal wellbeing and the safety of our workforce. We wanted to lead the charge with our employees and encourage them to look after their mental health and to keep an eye out for their colleagues who might be struggling.

'We will continue to work with our employees to promote mental wellbeing in Kier Highways and further afield to our supply chain. We really need to work together to overcome this very real problem our industry is facing.'

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