Keysoft Solutions at Traffex 2019

BIM for Traffic Engineers     

Building Information Modelling is said to be 20% technology, 80% process, and the primary focus for industry is to develop joined up thinking throughout the whole life of infrastructure. BIM is not software; it is more about planning and a way of integrating all the tasks and related information with all stakeholders. In order for organisations to achieve BIM compliance there are some essential steps to take.

Start at the end Work out why, as a business you need to do BIM and what you want to achieve. It is important to identify the project deliverables, and this may need to be developed in discussions with clients.

Ask More Questions When involved with a BIM project begin by asking what is meant by BIM and find out as much information as possible ahead of time, just like any other project.

Remember BIM is a process, not a software solution Although BIM requires a minimum of 2D CAD, with, where appropriate, managed 3D data, people often think that this means that the solution to achieving BIM lies in buying new expensive software and hardware. Many engineers are already working at BIM level 1 so only need to make a few changes in working practice to achieve level 2 compliance.

Planning is key you need to identify project leads, teams and stakeholders at the outset

Take a long-term view BIM Level 2 is about sharing information at project modelling stage and ironing out the glitches in the virtual world before you build it in the real world where mistakes can be costly

Embrace Change Building a case for BIM is getting easier as more and more organisations assess the impact that BIM has had

If you would like to talk about BIM and how it relates to Traffic Engineers in more detail, come and talk to the knowledgeable staff at Keysoft Solutions on stand K060 for the duration of the show.


Digital Realities – Proof of Concept App

Fresh out of their Innovation lab, at Traffex 2019 Keysoft Solutions will be showing off their proof of concept, augmented reality App for mobile devices.

Visit their stand K060 and let them show you how a 3D sign created using their sign and post application, can be exported to a mobile device and placed in the exhibition hall. You can explore the sign from different angles and get a true sense of scale and appropriateness where it exists in the real world.

This technology preview shows what will be incorporated in Keysoft Solutions future software releases, allowing you to review road signs, lighting, signals and lines in an augmented reality world before they are built.

This will not only help the client and general public gain a better understanding of your design but will significantly improve project collaboration, allowing you to identify potential issues at the earliest possible stages of your project.


KeySurfaceFix – from Keysoft Solutions

KeySurfaceFix is a free app, developed by Keysoft Solutions and is available to download from the Autodesk App Store.

When working with Civil 3D surfaces, occasionally holes are created as a result of an error during editing. KeySurfaceFix works by scanning the surface for holes and fills them so your surface accurately reflects the existing site, or your design proposal.

For more information on the free app, visit the Keysoft Solutions website where you will also find a download link the Autodesk app store, or come and see us on stand K060.

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