Dr Suzy Charman

Executive Director Road Safety Foundation

Suzy has worked in the field of road safety for 17 years. She started her road safety career at EuroRAP where she was the international programme manager and oversaw the establishment of iRAP.  After that, she was Head of International Road Safety at TRL, before joining the Road Safety Foundation in 2017.

Suzy leads a thriving programme at the Road Safety Foundation including provision of support to Highways England for their iRAP Star Rating work, leadership of the Older Drivers Task Force, supporting local authorities with their iRAP programmes following on from DfT’s Safer Roads Fund, review of roads around RAF bases with US visiting forces and the annual Crash Risk Mapping work supported by Ageas Insurance. RSF also undertakes policy and research work including projects for ORR and research on urban road safety for the Road Safety Trust.

My Speaker Sessions

Thursday, June 17

Road safety software & engineering
Dr Suzy Charman Mike Wilson

To discuss how road safety software and engineering is changing the landscape of keeping road users safe, both reactively and proactively.


Thursday , June 17, 10:00 - 10:30
Leon Daniels OBE Mike Wilson

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