Steve Cowper

Co-Founder & CTO, EV Mobiliti

Steve Cowper is the Co-Founder and CTO of EV Mobiliti Ltd, a startup focused on the challenge of EV charging bays being blocked by vehicles that are not charging.

He has over 20 year’s experience within the remote telemetry / telematics area with a focus on sensors, GNSS and radio technologies combined with 10 years prior to that working with sensors within the automotive industry. Having filed multiple patents across a wide range of technology sectors, Steve brings an innovative approach which has successfully blended techniques from external areas to create solutions which deliver value for customers. As a driver of an EV himself and with extensive experience of gathering EV related data, he's ideally placed to prove out the ideas and concepts that he has developed.

My Sessions at Traffex

Thursday 23 May 2024


Launchpad Lightning Presentations and Awards

14:00 - 15:00

Up to eight businesses will be selected to receive a free stand in the Launchpad area at Traffex, with automatic entry into the 2024 Launchpad Lightning Presentations and Awards.

As part of the Lightning Presentations, each company will deliver a five-minute presentation. It's fast, furious and fun. 

Judges will judge the best presentation, with prizes including a free exhibition stand at Traffex 2025. The order of presentations is as follows:

  1. EV Mobiliti: "Melt - Preventing your EV charging bays being used as parking spaces"
  2. Geospatial Ventures: "Your business powered by space"
  3. Lattice.Site: "Power of Maps for Infrastructure Construction"
  4. Low Carbon Materials: "Decarbonising the Construction Industry"
  5. Kerbo Charge: "In-pavement cable channels and Low-cost Domestic on-street Charging"
  6. Plug-N-Go: "Not just a Charge Point Operator"