Scott Gow

Director, Urban Fox – Chair of BPA EV Connect Group

Scott has been in the parking industry for 30 years, seeing the introduction of the RTA91 Act deploying decimalisation parking across the UK in the early 90s. He moved into the EV sector two years ago and sees many similarities to those early days in parking. He highlights that at the end of the day, the experiences are intrinsically linked, as you are parked when you are charging. The wild west was so often used in the early days of parking, and again, he is hearing the same.

Scott also worked in the smart cities arena for several years, so he can see how IoT devices linked to the infrastructure will deliver efficiencies and how the data will be used to influence many other aspects of the public realm. The challenge will be how procurement is best used to roll out this critical infrastructure whilst limiting the risk to all stakeholders.