Gareth Warner

EVI Project Officer, West Sussex County Council

As an Army veteran turned EV infrastructure project officer, Gareth embodies a commitment to service and sustainability. With a fervent dedication to environmental stewardship and decarbonisation, he navigates the intersection of technology and eco-consciousness within the transport industry.

His journey from military service to spearheading electric vehicle initiatives reflects a profound belief in driving positive change. Leveraging his leadership skills honed in the armed forces, Gareth orchestrates impactful projects that pave the way towards a greener future. With an unwavering passion for innovation and a mission-driven mindset, he is steadfast in his pursuit of transforming transportation systems for the betterment of our planet.

My Sessions at Evex

Wednesday 22 May 2024


Panel: How Can Local Authorities Recruit and Upskill to Deliver Charging Networks?

14:15 - 14:55 Skills & Recruitment
  • Empowering local authorities to spearhead the expansion of charging networks is essential for accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles.
  • Join our panel of experts as they discuss effective strategies for recruiting and upskilling personnel within local governments to plan, deploy, and manage EV charging infrastructure.
  • Gain valuable insights into building the workforce needed to drive sustainable transportation initiatives at the community level.