Mark MacDonald

Highway Service Manager, Milton Keynes City Council

Mark has over thirty years of experience in construction, having started in construction material testing and later working in highway maintenance. His winter service career started as a supervisor, then a duty officer and decision-maker. During his second year as a decision-maker, he took his HGV licence to become a resilience driver alongside the duty officer role.

He was soon added to the permanent rota and was a “real gritter driver”. Since 2009, Mark has driven for three different local authority areas across four different contractors with varying ways of delivering winter service.

Mark is also the winter service manager for Milton Keynes City Council and has written Winter Service plans for MKCC and his previous authority. He is a member of the NWSRG steering group for training.

My Sessions at Cold Comfort

Thursday 23 May 2024


Gritter Driver – A Day in the Life

10:30 - 10:55 Fleet
  • Best Days
  • Worst Days
  • Are we the weakest link?