Nicholas Ebsworth

Head of Hardware Development, Yunex Traffic

Nick Ebsworth is currently the Head of Hardware Development at Yunex Traffic. With an engineering career spanning nearly four decades, Nick has worked in many technology domains including missile guidance, radar, telecommunications and high-volume consumer electronic devices, before joining Siemens ITS (now Yunex Traffic) in 2006.

At Siemens, Nick worked on the detailed and architectural design of ITS hardware, infrastructure and large-scale disaster-tolerant computing platforms, before focusing solely on EV charging infrastructure in 2013.

Nick now leads the Yunex Traffic EVCI design and development team, and is also responsible for defining the maintenance approaches & regimes for a wide range of OEM hardware. Nick remains heavily involved in BEAMA and monitoring and contributing to the emerging standards shaping the future of EV charging solutions in the UK.

My Speaker Sessions

Thursday 08 June 2023


Panel: What can be done to make charge points ready for all?

12:00 - 13:00
  • What steps need to be taken to expand the charge point network?
  • What of the relevant legislation around charge points?
  • How can expansion be undertaken in a socially equitable manner, taking into account socio-economic disparities across the country as well as disabled road users?