Kelvin Choi

Data Fusion Technology Lead, Valerann

Kelvin Choi is the Senior Data Scientist at Valerann. Since joining Valerann 2.5 years ago, he has been leading the research and development activities around its fusion engines, which have become the backbones of the company's smart road infrastructure solutions. Kelvin holds a PhD in Physics from Imperial College London, with a background in remote sensing, data fusion and machine learning.

My Speaker Sessions

Tuesday 06 June 2023


Accidents as seen through the lens of data

13:30 - 13:55 Technology and Data
  • The typical data landscape around roads is multi-domain, multi-modal, complex, and inhomogeneous. Cameras, loops, computer vision algorithms, weather stations, connected vehicles and social media generate hundreds of millions of data points every single day.
  • It is an impossible task for traffic controllers to grasp what's noise and what's actually insightful and actionable, let alone maintain good situational awareness in real-time.
  • In this presentation, we will show you in detail how we use a combination of machine learning and expert system techniques to extract the best from each data sources and combine them optimally to remove noise.
  • Using a few real examples on our road, we show how we piece together a comprehensive understanding of when and where accidents happen, as well as their real-time impact on the road.