Dunstan Power

Managing Director, Versinetic

Dunstan Power, chartered electronics engineer and Cambridge University alumnus, has been working in the electronics design industry since 1992.

He co-founded ByteSnap in 2008, a multi-award-winning electronics design consultancy specialising in low-power hardware and software engineering. He was part of the engineering team that developed EV chargers for the London 2012 Olympics.

In response to the growing demand for eMobility engineering experience and services, Dunstan founded Versinetic EV charging design consultancy, working with manufacturers worldwide to accelerate their EV chargers and systems with bespoke electronics and software. An experienced and sought-after speaker, Dunstan is an industry-thought leader who has presented on a range of EV charger- and electronics design-related topics in the UK and internationally.

My Speaker Sessions

Tuesday 06 June 2023


EV charging challenges around the world: Insights and solutions

12:35 - 13:00
  • What are the key challenges hindering the growth of EV charging infrastructure around the world?
  • Dunstan Power will look at the current state of EV charging, exploring the obstacles faced by charging station providers - with insights on factors such as standardisation, charger availability, high costs, and more.
  • Dunstan will also examine potential solutions to these challenges and explore ways to make EV charging more accessible and efficient. Join Dunstan as he covers the pressing global issues facing the EV charging industry today.