FM Conway's sustainability wins out in Sussex

FM Conway has been awarded £6m of carriageway and footway work for West Sussex County Council.

The highway authority is making use of local resources from FM Conway’s Newhaven Asphalt Plant for the contract, which is one of the most advanced in the UK and produces a variety of mixes creating high-quality asphalt.

FM Conway is also supporting West Sussex by unlocking carbon savings through the production of surfacing materials mixed at much lower temperatures than conventional asphalt, as well as using recycled materials from the West Sussex network.

West Sussex County Council’s cabinet member for highways and transport, Joy Dennis, said: 'Carbon reduction is such an important part of the County Council’s work and our officers continue to collaborate with contractors to explore using the latest technology to try to cut carbon emissions in highway improvement schemes.

'This includes allowing resurfacing materials to be mixed at much lower temperatures than conventional asphalt and using recycled material from our roads, which can significantly cut the carbon emissions attributed to a scheme, without impacting on quality.'

Paul Padfield, surfacing director at FM Conway said: 'We are thrilled with our partnership with West Sussex County Council and look forward to the path ahead building on our past successes and driving new innovations and sustainable solutions to the benefit of everyone in West Sussex.'

In 2020 West Sussex Highways was provided with additional corporate capital funding of £12m for carriageway, planned maintenance for works up to April 2023 and last month was allocated a further £21m for planned highway maintenance works, to be delivered across a five-year period.

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