Council announces major resurfacing works in Gloucester

Gloucestershire County Council is gearing up for what it said could be biggest resurfacing scheme the city of Gloucester has ever seen.

More than 3km of carriageway on Bristol Road and the A38 Southern Connector is due to get a new surface next month.

The council said both schemes will take place at the same time, aiming to reduce the amount of time major roads on the network are closed.

Work will take place at night, with the roads re-opening during the day and businesses known to operate overnight near the scheme have had an advance warning email giving planned details and dates of the work to help them organise deliveries around the closures.

Cllr Vernon Smith, cabinet member for highways, said: ‘I appreciate there will be some inconvenience however it is important we invest in Gloucestershire’s major roads; this is the way to eradicate potholes and reduce defects on the network, which keeps everyone moving whether for business or pleasure long-term.’

Kath Haworth, the council’s head of highways, said: ‘We fully appreciate that any road closures are inconvenient but we need to resurface roads to ensure they’re safe and in the best condition they can be. This is also the best long term way of dealing with potholes.’

Bristol Road/Cole Avenue Junction will be closed between 8 July and 23 July (excluding weekends) and then on Saturday 24 July and Sunday 25 July.

The A38 Southern Connector will closed in sections between 29 June and 23 July (excluding weekends) and also on Saturday 24 July and Sunday 25 July.

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