The new open and adaptive approach to parking from WPS

By developing a hardware interoperable approach that removes the need of additional proprietary equipment, the WPS platform can upgrade legacy systems from multiple vendors into one virtual system – helping to solve various challenges faced by businesses who rely on efficient parking to help increase customer satisfaction. At the same time, users can extend the lifecycle of current hardware and add or remove equipment to parking operations, based on customers' wishes.

To support the platform, there is an approved Partner Marketplace with a wide range of standard integrations aiding the delivery of customer specific journeys.

It is the first time an existing parking management system vendor is embracing a hardware interoperable approach, marking a new era of solutions from WPS - the inventor of barcodes for parking.

By reusing existing equipment- such as barriers and terminals etc, WPS has developed a more sustainable approach to parking at a time when parking operators and authorities are under pressure with restricted budgets as well as the need to reduce carbon

Currently, other parking management solution providers oblige users to use their hardware which results in a high upfront investment in hardware with additional construction works for the operator and destroying perfectly functional equipment like barriers and terminals.

WPS is removing the need to replace perfectly functioning proprietary equipment, whilst continuously improving both the parking and operator experience, producing a more sustainable platform that makes more effective use of the ‘cloud’.

This will be explained further at Parkex during their presentation 'Improve your customer journeys without replacing your parking hardware' in the Showcase Theatre on Wednesday 15th June: 14.35 - 15.00. 

Join the WPS team at Parkex on Stand P230 to explore how the WPS open and adaptive platform can remove complexity and improve customer experiences.


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