Introducing RingGo at Parkex

What does RingGo do?

RingGo is the UK’s no.1 cashless parking provider, operating across more than 450 towns and cities, with over 18 million users nationwide. We provide award-winning, end-to-end mobility solutions for parking operators and, as part of the global EasyPark Group, and are driven by making cities more liveable.


What are you showing at Parkex 2022?

The major theme on our stand this year is the transition of the UK cashless parking market from tender procurement and single vendor models to Open-Market multivendor models. This is where a parking operator gives users the option of paying via numerous cashless parking providers, all of which are integrated into a parking hub.

This new model – successfully implemented across much of Europe – creates a win/win/win situation for users, parking operators and suppliers. Users benefit from freedom of choice, increased service availability, and new innovations creating better parking experiences. Operators benefit from significant time and cost savings on procurement, enhanced availability of parking data, more satisfied users, increased digital uptake, and increased sustainable investment from suppliers. Suppliers will also benefit from significant time and cost savings on procurement processes and increased digital uptake, as well as being able to sustainably invest in their services to create better user experiences.


What’s new or noteworthy about this features/technology?

The Open-Market model will help adoption of new technology and increased digitalisation in the parking industry. This is particularly important as we move towards greater EV adoption, with users needing a consolidated parking and charging solution.

Currently, users need to download multiple apps for use across different areas. Open-Market eliminates this, opening possibilities for consolidated parking and charging apps, whilst also allowing users to choose their favourite app and use it everywhere. This drives up digital usage, with parking apps improving their services to attract users in a competitive environment.

Open-Market and increased digitisation means parking providers and operators can securely share and access important data. This increased richness of data can then be used by operators to drive better digital services, inform policy and meet their strategies in areas such as sustainability.


Who are you looking forward to meeting at Parkex? / Who would be your perfect visitor?

We’re looking forward to listening and talking to as many partners and operators as we possibly can. This is a very exciting time in the industry, and we’re looking forward to sharing our passion for creating healthier and more livable cities.

From our perspective, there’s no such thing as a perfect visitor. We look forward to meeting everyone on stand P121 and having many interesting conversations, so do stop by for a chat!


What are you most looking forward to at Parkex 2022?

We are delighted to attend Parkex in-person again and can’t wait to see everyone there. It’s one of the biggest parking events of the year and always a key time for learning, networking and collaborating. This year, we want to outline the benefits of the Open-Market to all parties and see the latest innovations in parking.


Our thanks to Peter O’Driscoll,
UK MD at RingGo



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