The AppyWay Traffic Suite

Q&A with Dan Hubert,

Founder & CEO at AppyWay,


1. What does AppyWay do?

AppyWay exists to digitise the kerb. We’re on a mission to elevate it from static cement to a dynamic source of power for local authorities and business. Today, we’ve built the largest digital version of the UK’s kerbside data—the most accurate, standardised and interoperable there is.

This platform of data, APIs, payment solutions and tools provides functional kerbside management solutions. And the upside is unlimited. Local authorities can easily manage and monetise the kerbside to create better public spaces, while preparing for the AV era. Simplified compliance and lower operating costs are just the beginning of how businesses can unlock new revenue opportunities. All in all, people will enjoy a better, cleaner city experience. Seamless access. Rejuvenation of local high streets. And more open space. As it should be. Now the kerb is a catalyst for positive change— powering actionable solutions to the problems plaguing city infrastructure. The opportunity is staggering. And AppyWay is leading the way.
2. What are you showing at Traffex 2022 ?

We will be showcasing our Traffic Suite - The AppyWay Traffic Suite is a better way to manage traffic orders. The all-in-one award-winning platform is designed to manage, centralise and make static and moving orders easy. Transition from manual, text-based orders to automated, highly accurate digital map-based orders - with the only platform built for traffic teams.
3. What’s new or noteworthy about these features/technology?

AppyWay's Traffic Suite streamlines and speeds up the entire traffic order process from proposal through to publication. A recent testimonial from Haringey Council put this figure at 75% faster than their previous process - "Schedule based orders were time consuming and created a lot of duplicated work for the team. In addition to this, staff changes had led to discrepancies, missing data and a huge lack of consistency. AppyWay’s map-based solution is so much simpler. It has created significant efficiencies, making traffic order management 75% faster than our previous process and given us the confidence that what is on-street matches what we have in the system." Gemma Hills, Senior Traffic Order Maker, Haringey Council
4. Who are you looking forward to meeting at Traffex ?

There's lots going on in the world of traffic orders with councils soon able to apply for TMA Part 6 Powers and the DfT consultation on digital, shareable TROs. We're keen to chat to local authority highways and parking teams about their traffic order challenges and how AppyWay can help them future-proof their orders, ready to digitally tackle new environmental and economic pressures. 
5. What are you most looking forward to at Traffex 2022 ?

After two years of very limited in-person events the team and I are excited to be back at the NEC for Traffex 2022 showcasing all things traffic order management! So much has changed over the last two years and the government is leaning on local authorities to help them achieve their net zero and decarbonisation targets, and to build back better from the pandemic. Digitised, standardised, map-based static and moving orders are a key tool for councils eager to meet these targets. AppyWay can help councils realise efficiencies and quantifiable time savings for their TRO departments, enabling them to adopt additional responsibilities and drive meaningful change across their council areas. Find the team and I on stand G091 where we'll be demoing the Traffic Suite, a better way to manage your traffic orders." Dan Hubert, Founder & CEO AppyWay


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