Meet AGD Systems

What does your business do?

AGD Systems (part of The Traffic Group) was launched more than three decades ago in Cheltenham, and has become one of the UK’s leading ITS manufacturers – trusted by highways authorities across the world due to its commitment to innovation, quality and globally compatible solutions.

AGD’s products for smart cities, smart highways and strategic transport initiatives are suitable for the ever-changing needs of today and the challenges of tomorrow. Whether it’s traffic and pedestrian detection or highways monitoring and speed enforcement, AGD’s experts have a range of products which are easy to integrate and maintain.

What are you showing at Traffex 2022?

Visitors to our stand will be able to chat to the team about our pedestrian and traffic monitoring and detection ranges, and see a selection of our product solutions – including our AGD343 which is currently in use in multiple countries across the world, from Australia to Canada to Qatar.

The Highways Monitoring Radar is a class-leading traffic flow solution offering an unrivalled alternative to outdated high maintenance loop systems. It can be sited just 2m from the nearest running lane, and monitor up to 10 lanes, providing real-time data to control rooms.

We’re also thrilled to be showing our newest traffic control offering, the optical AGD650 with AI. Representing an exciting development in the detection and monitoring of vehicles approaching the stop-line, its capabilities are set to further enhance the safety and efficiency of intersection approaches across the globe.

What’s new or noteworthy about these features/technology?

The AGD650 is the very latest, new-to-the-market innovation; but those implementing the product into their infrastructure have the reassure of AGD’s three decades of experience within the urban ITS sector. The 650 has the potential to deliver a rich data stream on vehicle types approaching intersections.

When it comes to the AGD343, authorities across the world are impressed at being able to position the radar just two metres from the nearest running lane. Its capabilities in a multi-lane environment mean it’s become one of our most-requested products, being implemented across the world – and even incorporated into the ‘FIFA Corridor’ being created ahead of the Qatar World Cup.

Who are you looking forward to meeting at Traffex? Who would be your perfect customer/visitor?

We’re very much looking forward to Traffex being an in-person event again, as it’s fantastic to be able to showcase our products on the stand. We’d love to see returning visitors who we have met at previous Traffex events – as we’ve spent the time during the pandemic expanding our offering even further, developing the 650, and taking part in new trials and installations across the world. So, there will be lots to catch up on!

Equally, it’d be fantastic to chat to visitors who may not be as familiar with AGD’s products. Highways and urban authorities looking for safer, greener and more efficient transport solutions which are designed to be future-proof are more than welcome to come and speak to the team, as are organisations involved in infrastructure projects which would benefit from the very latest radar technology when it comes to traffic and pedestrian detection and monitoring.

What are you most looking forward to at Traffex 2022?

That buzz of a busy exhibition venue really is unrivalled, and something we missed as a team during the lockdown restrictions. As a Cheltenham company, it’s fantastic to have such an important event held on our doorstep. An added bonus for us is being able to bring along the 650, which has had an incredible amount of time, research and expertise spent on it, resulting in a product that we’ll be really proud to include on our stand at Traffex!
Our thanks to Commercial Director Ian Hind

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