Pillars of Strength

Traffex strives to bring you the latest traffic and transport products and services. But it also recognises the changing needs of the sector, and that's why much of the show content is related back to our 'four pillars of strength'. 



Highlighting Road Safety for not only our valued workforce on the road network, but also driver/user safety is a key aspect of Traffex Parkex. There are constant innovations in products, processes and general organisation in the maintenance and transport planning of the UK roads, all of which will be highlighted from the Exhibiting suppliers and in talks in our theatres. Traffex is about Public and private sector working together to tackle all aspects of Vision Zero throughout the UK.



Clean air in our cities and urban areas as well as our countryside’s is of significant importance to Traffex Parkex. We must look after the UK’s carbon footprint. Not only for the construction and planning of roads, but also their intended use and management throughout its lifetime. We must be thinking both reactively and proactively in everything we do to reduce our carbon footprint. This could be about new low carbon products in the maintenance programme, or perhaps rethinking how a project is completed from the ground up, reducing the overall carbon footprint of the project. Traffex will highlight how to think about planning in a reactive way.



Similarly, to Environment, however rather just the here and now, this is more about the long-term effects of looking after our future. Development of sustainable transportation and mobility for all people and goods throughout the UK. How this differs from Environment is more about the long term transport and route planning. Particularly in the use of transport, reducing emission and carbon footprint over a long period for the life of the road network, not just for the life of the project.



Technology is now part of everyday life, and is continuously being developed and innovated for our UK Roads and Transportation services. Technology and Innovation runs through the very core of Traffex Parkex, highlighting as a core value in its own right as it is a fundamental part of what keeps our management of the UK road network running smoothly. Every Traffex Parkex event throughout its history has brought the latest cutting edge of technology to the fold to allow discovery, evaluation and forward thinking for the entire sector.

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