Stand A42
The Autonomous Road Inspector is our solution, based in Artificial Intelligence and sensors, to monitor the assets of the roads: permanent and temporary signs, road markings, safety barriers, irregularities in the pavement...


  • Asset Management
  • G.I.S / Digital Mapping
  • Safety barriers
  • Highway Infrastructure
  • Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)
  • Paving / Footways
  • Road Marking
  • Signage
  • Video Image Processing
  • Web apps & Mobile technology


Autonomous Road Inspector
Autonomous Road Inspector
AI-based solution to provide information on the status of the roads. Road assets that, until now, have been controlled manually can now be controlled automatically, as often as desired, thanks to our Autonomous Road Inspector. Check the status of traffic signs, road markings and protection barriers, predict early the road degradation, monitor the work zones and generate alerts for the presence of slippery conditions and other events that affect driving conditions.