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RingGo is the UK's no.1 phone parking app. Offered by 150 local authorities in over 500 towns and cities nationwide, RingGo "stands out from the crowd". With Open Market parking spreading ever wider across the UK, RingGo works with the National Parking Platform to provide increased uptake, greater innovation and simpler, more resilient cashless parking for everyone.

Show Deals

Visit our stand to find out why RingGo is "Standing out from the crowd" with the ever growing expansion of Open Market parking across the UK.

Product Launches

We are launching RingGo Scan & Pay at Parkex this year. This is a barrier parking solution which is operational in the Touchwood Shopping Centre, Solihull, since December 2022, which integrates with a WPS barrier, enabling motorists to enter and exit barrier parking, paying for the parking with RingGo rather than having to queue and pay at the machine.


  • Discover the Open Market in Parking (383.6 KiB)
    The future of parking is an Open Market, with multiple cashless parking solutions operating across the one area. In an Open Market, motorists choose which parking app is best for their needs: quality of service, user experience, unique features, value – and in the future, additional services such as EV charging. Find out more about the Open Market for parking by downloading the document and visiting the RingGo Stand P121 at Parkex to find out more.
  • Find out about the Dept for Transport's National Parking Platform (408.63 KiB)
    The Department for Transport funded National Parking Platform has been set up to help local authorities and private companies simplify the exchange of data and digital payments, offering a transformative new way to deliver parking and mobility services. Find out more by downloading this document and talking to RingGo staff on stand P121
  • RingGo Rebrand - Press Release - 2 May 2023 (53.91 KiB)
    RingGo - the UK's no.1 parking app - is refreshing its brand. From 2 May, the much-loved green and black RingGo logo which has been in place for 20 years, is being replaced with a bright, modern, pink and purple look and feel. With the Open Market for parking expanding across the UK, RingGo's new look aims to help it stand out from the crowd.
  • RingGo at Parkex '23 (157.79 KiB)
    A fresh new look at stand P121 RingGo has exhibited at Parkex for almost 20 years and we’re pleased to feature prominently again this year. It’s the first major outing for our new pink and purple branding. You can’t miss our bold, bright stand, next to the Parkex Cafe.


RingGo Cashless Parking
RingGo Cashless Parking
RingGo is the UK’s no.1 parking app available in over 500 towns and cities across the UK. Offered by 150 local authorities, more than 19 million motorists are registered to use RingGo. Visit stand P121 to find out more about the Open Market for parking. This new way of operating offers motorists wider choice and saves time and money on procurement.
The Open Market for parking
The Open Market for parking
The Open Market for parking is a new way of operating which is taking the UK by storm. Instead of offering a single phone parking solution in each local area, Open Market parking enables multiple providers to offer services, creating happier motorists, increasing cashless uptake, and reducing procurement for Councils.


RingGo Open Market
The future of parking is an Open Market. This new way of working benefits operators, suppliers and motorists. A win:win:win for everyone. Check out the video for the reasons why and talk to members of the RingGo team on Stand P121 about how you can get on board with Open Market operations.