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VivaCity helps cities overcome their biggest transport challenges. VivaCity's AI-powered computer vision sensors provide highly accurate multimodal transport monitoring data which can also be integrated into signal controllers for highly responsive and prioritised signalling. Outperforming traditional monitoring technology, data is easy to access, secure and comprehensive, offering insights into movements, speeds, turning behaviours, near miss incidents, traffic flow and more.

Product Launches

1. Near Miss detection With VivaCity’s revolutionary Near Miss data, local authorities can be proactive in their road safety schemes, prove intervention results, and justify expenditures. Using AI-powered computer vision sensors to collect traffic data on different road user types, VivaCity has developed a way of automatically detecting near miss interactions. It builds on state of the art research to quantify near misses and their root cause by analysing trajectories of road users in time and space and how they relate to each other. 2. Smart Signal Control: AI for Detection Compatible with Yunex, Swarco and Telent controllers, AI for Detection sends real-time and anonymised multimodal traffic to your existing controller cabinet. With a wide field of view, a single sensor captures occupancy data across several lanes, junction arms and detection zones. This live classified demand data is sent to your controller cabinet to optimise signalling stages for different modes.


  • Highway Infrastructure
  • Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)
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  • Signalling and Control
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  • Traffic Safety Products
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Near Miss Feature Identifies Incident Hotspots and Saves Lives - VivaCity
Near Miss Feature Identifies Incident Hotspots and Saves Lives It shouldn't have to cost a life to make our roads safer. VivaCity's Near Miss feature makes it possible to identify incident hotspots and their root cause before collisions take place. These insights can be used to make proactive data-led decisions, quantify road safety risks and save lives.
VivaCity: Smarter, Safer, Sustainable Solutions for Cities
VivaCity: Smarter, Safer, Sustainable Solutions for Cities At VivaCity we help cities overcome their biggest transport challenges. We have developed cutting edge AI-powered computer vision technology to capture anonymised multimodal road user data and provide cities with the most accurate, reliable and scalable insights. Our technology is here to solve endemic problems and help cities achieve their policy goals and transport objectives.