Aldridge Traffic Systems

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Aldridge Traffic Systems (ATS) a division of Traffic Technologies Limited (TTL). ATS is a leading traffic technology supplier. We specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of Traffic Signals and Controllers, Smart City Solutions, Street Lighting, Electronic and Static Road Signage to customers worldwide.


  • External Lighting
  • Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)
  • LED’s / LED Lighting
  • Road Signs
  • Signage
  • Solar Powered Products
  • Street Lighting
  • Traffic Signalling & Control Devices
  • Variable Message Signs (VMS)


  • Traffic Technologies Capability Document (3.69 MiB)
    A showcase of the company capabilities.
  • V-LED II (3.53 MiB)
    LED street lights improve energy efficiency and energy affordability for local government, improve road safety and support the Government’s smart cities agenda. Aldridge Traffic Systems design, manufacture and supply state-of-the-art vehicle and pedestrian LED lighting for major arterial roads, tunnels, underpasses, major intersections, low-traffic urban roads, public spaces, sports grounds and car parks. With over 30 years experience, Aldridge has the technology and experience required to obtain the best illumination results for safe night time motoring – in all road conditions. Together with energy cost savings which far exceed expectations, Aldridge provide a total lighting solution for the safety of motorists and pedestrians.
  • P-LED II 13W (382.36 KiB)
    Aldridge Traffic Systems is a key player in the street lighting industry and a driving force behind energy efficiency lighting and products. Established as smart city ready, our vast portfolio of lighting systems are designed for all situations and environments.
  • iTouch Touchless Push Button (0.99 MiB)
    The latest technology in Touchless pedestrian push buttons. Stay safe "don't touch the button" keeping us safe from viruses and infections as we use the cross the roads.
  • TST Smart City capabilities (2.32 MiB)
    TST Smart City Sensors and Smart City Platform. Available through subscriptions.
  • Aldridge Envirolite Backing Boards (2.27 MiB)
    Traffic Signal Backing Boards


Aldridge Traffic Signal Arrangements
Aldridge Traffic Signal Arrangements
Aldridge Traffic Signal Arrangements. Any configuration available to order.
Aldridge P-LED
Aldridge P-LED
P-LED 30W, Highly efficient, low running cost, low wattage, LED Street Light for roads and pedestrian areas.
Aldridge V-LED MK II
Aldridge V-LED MK II
Enviro-friendly, high efficiency, low running cost street luminaire for motorways and main roads.
iTouch - Touchless pedestrian crossing button. Eliminating virus transfer from pedestrian users. No reason to kick the button!
TST Smart City Technology
TST Smart City Technology
Showcasing our smart city capabilities, connecting communities


Traffic Technologies Ltd. Introducing Aldridge QTC manufacturing
Aldridge Traffic Systems manufacturing plant in NSW.
Aldridge Traffic Systems short clip
Brief insight into our manufacturing plant in NSW Australia