Miller Crockart

Chief Commercial Officer


Miller Crockart is currently the Chief Commercial Officer at Horiba Mira based in Nuneaton UK which is leading the world in providing test facilities and independent engineering services to the automotive sector including for the Connected and Autonomous segment of the market. Through this work Miller is heavily involved in the future development programs that will usher in the new era of mobility and he and his colleagues are marrying traditional automotive engineering with new technologies coming into the sector. Previous Miller was Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing at the PTV Group based in Karlsruhe Germany. Miller spend 9 years at PTV Group culminating with  the company being sold to the Porsche Automobil Holding Company for 325million Euros in 2017. With over 25  in the mobility sector including rail as well as automotive and IT sectors Miller has also sat of the Corporate Partner Board of the OECD’s International Transport Forum advising the Ministers of Transport on innovation and the future of Mobility.

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