Carl Eddleston

Head of Asset Operations

Transport for London

Carl joined Transport for London (TfL) graduate scheme in September 2006. After completing the scheme he worked as a Traffic Signal Engineer in the Traffic Directorate. During this time Carl worked on projects such as the first Pan-London library of Vissim traffic models for highway schemes assessment and began TfL’s first GIS mapping project, which brought together all road data and asset information.

In 2015 he became the Chief Engineer of Outcomes Management with the Road Space Management Directorate and was responsible for the performance of the road network through intelligent control of London’s 6,300 traffic signals.

Carl led innovative projects such as the installation of differential bus priority at traffic signals, to allow only late running buses to be given priority. This received a National Transport Award. He was also responsible for the introduction of using traffic signals to meet London’s healthy streets goals by introducing intelligent timings that would prioritise different modes depending on the need at the location.

In November 2017 Carl became the Head of Asset Operations in the newly formed Network Management Directorate. He is responsible for the maintenance of all TfL’s surface assets (excluding rail). This includes the 580 kilometres of the Transport for London road network, all bus stop and shelters, bus stations and stands, all traffic signals and iconic London assets such as the Legible London signs. He manages three core maintenance contracts and twenty supplementary across all these assets.

Carl is now working to deliver the Mayor’s healthy streets initiatives by maximising efficiency whilst bettering the customer experience through joined up and sustainable approaches.

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