Highways & Transport Theatre

This theatre looked at the day-to-day issues surrounding the industry, hosted in association with a number of key industry bodies.

The Chartered Institute of Highways and Transport discussed skills and training as well as sharing experience. Later in the day REMA concentrated on designing safer road networks for the UK road network.

The Institute of Asphalt Technology discussed materials, resources and new technology, followed by ITS (UK) who explained more about the DfT's progress towards supporting better traffic data management.

On Futures Day the theatre was dedicated to the next generation of workers in the industry. We heard about ideas for recruitment and had a discussion lead by industry leaders who gave a background on how their careers led them to where they are now.

CIHT Hosted Session | Chair: Matthew Lugg, President CIHT

Improving Local Highways - The latest updates on the CIHT review into the funding, governance and operation of the local highway network
Matthew Lugg, President CIHT

Delivering local highways
Nick Goddard, Regional Director, Ringway

Collaboration across the sector
Representatives from Measure2Improve

REMA Hosted Session | Chair: Andrew Pledge, REMA Secretary

Implications for designers of the new 2019 Passive Safety Standard
Andrew Pledge, REMA Secretary

How the drive for enhancing road safety for all is influencing ITS technology and scheme design
Wayne Stant, Strategy and Marketing Director for Clearview Intelligence

Crash Testing of roadside barriers
Alistair Crooks, Horiba MIRA

IAT Hosted Session | Chair: Andrew Lyle, Director of Development, IAT

ALARM 2019 - Behind the Headlines
Samantha Stagg, AIA Communications

Innovative Low Volume Asphalt for potholes, patching and utility reinstatements
Hayden Davie, Technical Sales Engineer, Jobling Purser

Automated Quality Assurance: 21st Century Materials Testing for Safer Construction, Better Roads and BIM
Ruairi Charlesworth, Development Manager, Highway Data Systems

ITS (UK) Hosted Session | Chair: Jennie Martin, Secretary General, ITS (UK)

The Local Transport Data Plan and the role of DfT
Graham Hanson, Head of Smarter Traffic Management, Traffic and Technology Division, Department for Transport

Parking data, the road to kerbside management
Nigel Williams, Chair Board of Directors at British Parking Association


The TRO Discovery Project
Abbas Lokat, Streets Development Manager, Geoplace

Local Authority Mobility Platform
Marcel Pooke, Team Leader Technical Capability Team and Richard Tusting, Senior Technologist, at Connected Places Catapult

Local Authorities and Connected Vehicles, new streams of data and the next steps for UTMC
Darren Capes, ITS Policy Lead, Traffic and Technology Division, Department for Transport

IHE Hosted Session | Chair: Richard Hayes, CEO, IHE

Can the new Traffic Signs Manual help influence driver behaviour?
Simon Morgan, Chair, IHE Traffic Signs Panel

The future of design standards and specifications – unlocking the potential for enhanced design and construction
Steve Denton, Executive Director & Head of Civil, Bridge and Ground Engineering, WSP

The true cost of compliance and non-compliance
Ross Bullerwell, Managing Director, Rennicks UK

Futures Day introduction and the future of the highways and transport industry-a HR perspective
Vicky Glover, Head of HR, Kier Highways

Jobs in Transport
Simon Mattock, Technical Recruitment Director, ISR Recruitment

How I got to where I am
Ian Patey, Head of Profession, ITS at WSP
Krishna Desai, Marketing Communications Manager at Cubic Transportation Systems
Scott Belcher, Leading American Consultant
Sharon Kindleysides, Former Chair, ITS (UK) and Director at RMS Sydney
Miller Crockart, Chief Commercial Officer, HORIBA MIRA
Steve Gooding, President, RAC Foundation and former Director at DfT

Experiences in the industry
James Bullen – Atkins
Martha Hoskins - Jacobs
Jack Durdle, Graduate Product Manager, Siemens
Charlie Hale – TfL
Kulraj Panesar - WSP
Thomas Burman - Transport for London

Continuous Professional Development
Cherrie Ouerghi, Marketing and Events Executive, IHE

How to shine without showing off
Prof Eric Sampson – visiting Professor Newcastle University and City University London



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